i need a logo. i’ve done some rough sketches but nothing seems good enough … actually none of them are beyond 1st grade quality. it sucks because i took loads of art classes in high school. i actually wanted to be an art teacher for high schoolers (i know, a typical gay-guy occupation). over the years, since graduating, i’ve done a few paintings but nothing to really write home about. anyways, i don’t know why i’m going on about all of this, except to fill yet another post with information about myself.

i’m excited at starting this ministry. but then again, i’m extremely fearful of it.

i’m scared that i’ll fail.
i’m scared that what i have to say won’t be heard.
i’m scared that what i have to say won’t be good enough.
i’m scared of tackling this issue.
i’m scared of rejection.
i’m scared of being found out (a strange fear i know, but i’m being honest).
i’m scared of facing what’s around the corner.

i have no clue what i’m doing. all i know is that i have to do something. as the prophet jeremiah affirms, this message is like fire within my bones and i can’t keep it in any longer. so, to use an old familiar phrase: i’m coming out of the closet.


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