the reason.

first off i must admit something. i’m a christian. and not a normal christian either. i’m a christian who is passionate about JESUS. i’m a christian who is not defined by a denomination. i’m a christian who upholds GOD’S word as truth; and a christian who lives out JESUS’ words of unconditional love. i’m a christian who is serious; and a christian who strives to be real and authentic. i’m a christian who is being restored from being broken; and a christian who forgives much because i have been forgiven much. i’m a christian, not by religion’s standards or man’s standards, but by JESUS’ standards. i’m the real deal.

just thought that needed to be said.

second, i must confess, i mess up a lot. i sin every day. i struggle with temptations, thoughts, actions, words, deeds, etc, etc, etc. i don’t sin on purpose but than again i don’t always stay away from sin’s door either – if you know what i mean. i wish i had my act together, but i don’t. and i guess that’s a good thing. because if i’m honest with myself, if i wasn’t so messed up, would i really need JESUS everyday? would i really need HIM at all? and when i honestly think about my answers to these two questions, i sit back and thank GOD that i’m so broken – cause i don’t want to live without HIM.

third, one of my biggest struggles, and one of the main reasons for this blog and ministry, is sexual brokenness — porn, sexual desires, etc. but mainly homosexuality . my heart is for those who are also sexually broken like myself. especially those who struggle with homosexual actions, thoughts, lifestyles, and looking for a better hope than this life seems to offer.

this is not a ‘gay-bashing’ site/blog/ministry and this is not a ‘pro-gay’ site/blog/ministry. rather i am just a guy who has found a better reason to live and hope for than what was offered to me before. i’m just a guy who has found freedom and life in JESUS. i’m just a guy trying to make it just like everyone else. i’m just a guy who wants to give back and minister to those who are striving to survive today.

like i said earlier, this blog is part of a ministry that i am starting: six11 ministries. the name is the only thing set … i don’t have a mission statement, i don’t have a five year plan; but i do have a vision and a purpose, and i most definitely have a passion. my goals, if i were to say right now, are:

1. to minister to those sexually broken
2. to encourage and empower those walking wounded to walk in freedom
3. to equip the church to effectively minister to those sexually broken
4. to equip the church in supporting and loving those who struggle with homosexuality
5. to establish a ministry that remains biblical and strong in a depriving world

like i said i don’t have the fine details tuned but i have the passion set into motion.

so why “611” … because of two reasons. when i came out of the homosexual lifestyle (my testimony will come later), i used to travel down to Philly each week to attend a support meeting/bible study. the road i traveled down to Philly was Route 611. the second reason is because of this verse i came across a few years ago:

And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

Paul is speaking about those who had been living in lifestyles that weren’t healthy or pleasing to GOD (basically sin), especially the homosexual lifestyle. he reminds them that the life they used to live is now different from the life they now live in CHRIST – simply put, they had traded a life of bondage for a life of freedom. and this my friends, is the backbone to six11 ministries.

anyways … i think that’s enough rambling for now. like i said, my testimony will be posted later … it’s long and rocky, but GOD is still my bestest friend.


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