what to say.

Youth Specialties received an anonymous letter on their message boards one day, and instead of responding with a single reply, they opened it up to others. Below is a summary of how other youth pastors responded.

One youth pastor stated that he knows exactly how the boy feels, as he himself was one who came out of the homosexual lifestyle. He notes that, “After coming to CHRIST, I thought my homosexual feelings would take care of themselves. They didn’t”. He goes on to say, “After a few years of suffering in silence … real healing didn’t start until I received pastoral counseling, and GOD began to reveal the roots of homosexuality in my life”. These roots, he explains, may be different for everyone but nonetheless they deal with rejection from parents and peers, sexual abuse, and unhealthy ‘same-sex’ relationships. I agree with the writer when he says, “GOD did not create you gay. It only feels that way”. He urges the teen that while GOD will heal him, he is going to need support. He then goes on to list some areas of support to contact.

Another youth pastor states that while we have questions about life “we don’t always get to figure out the whys in this life”. Where another pastor affirms the truth, “You can’t be a Christian and live a gay lifestyle. It’s like saying to a friend, ‘Yeah, I’m married – but I have a girlfriend, too’”. Going off of that, another youth pastor comments, “But whether you believe you were born with homosexual desires or not, it doesn’t change the fact that GOD gives us the ability, through HIS power and grace, to choose the right way”.

All the responses were great to read and affirming to the teen. Though, as in every ‘debate’, there was one who made a push for the pro-gay agenda, stating that we don’t really know what the Bible says about homosexuality.

The teen never responded back as far as I know.


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