silence speaks volumes.

I was reading on the Ex-gay site today about the Day of Silence that’s coming up on April 25. They had an interesting link to a Christian site that is ‘hosting’ a coexisting campaign to bring an end to senseless harm towards homosexuals.

I totally agree with both of these ‘campaigns’. The senseless attacks of homosexuals – no matter how one agrees or disagrees with their lifestyle – needs to stop. I remember in high school receiving death threats from ‘jocks’ who thought their deeds were fun and entertainment. Instead I was kept watching my back and hoping their jokes were just that, stupid jokes.

Though, I must admit that homosexuals have come a long way after all these years, going from a joke around the office cooler to a lifestyle to be lavished on prime time tv. Still the jokes linger and the death threats are posted, and even acted upon.

What I can’t understand though is why so much harassment still comes from the Christian circles. I wonder at times if GOD’S Church will ever head the words of CHRIST, when HE says, “Love your neighbors as yourself”. In this commandment, and in the one greater than this, to love GOD with everything, you would think that fulfilling the gospel message would be pretty easy. Sadly, this isn’t the case. We Christians tend to make it a lot harder than it actually is.

I am writing to accept homosexual behavior? No at all, because that would totally discredit what six11 is all about, and worse, what the message of GOD is all about. Instead, I am calling on us, as the body of CHRIST, to take a minute and think (with our hearts) do we take the message of the gospel and live it out? Do we take the two greatest commandments and live them out – no matter who passes in front of us or beside us?

On April 25, the homosexual community is asking for all to take a day and set it aside for silence; and may the Christian community respond without protest.


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