book review 001.

I’m going to start reviewing some books on here that I have found to be very helpful in my walk out of homosexuality and sexual brokenness.

The Game Plan, by Joe Dallas.

Dallas is one of the former Exodus International presidents, and now the director of Genesis Counseling in Tustin, Cal. For more info about him, find his name under the blog list to your right.

About the book: I have tried a lot of “stop-looking-at-porn” books. So when I picked this up at a purity conference back in the winter, I was a little skeptical; though I love how Dallas writes, so I figured it was worth my time and money. I am so glad that I bought this book. Dallas attacks this issue head on and as blunt as it needs to be, from the first page to the last page (not that I have finished the book yet, but I have read the last page).

Dallas talks to you, the person dealing with sexual brokenness, he doesn’t talk around you, or above you, he just talks to you. It’s like having a conversation with him, especially when he asks those deep questions about your life, what you’re thinking, and how you’re really doing with your walk. The book, says Dallas, is based on his years of experience as a counselor. The Game Plan is a 30-day journey from the root of your sexual issues to the center of JESUS’ heart – where we find our true completeness and true identity as a person. As Dallas notes on the back of his book, “Follow The Game Plan, and in thirty days things will change. That’s not because this book offers a quick fix, but because it offers the right steps. I’ve walked it, taught it, and seen it in action.”

Dallas is very quick to say that this journey is a process and not a quick fix method, adding that this journey also takes determination and a willingness on the travelers part to keep walking no matter what. I have suggested this book to a couple of my friends who are fellow struggler’s with such issues, and I’m suggesting it to you as well. The book is only as effective as the reader allows it to be. GOD is going to move only as the participant allows HIM to do so. If you are struggling, and have tried many times before to reach for sexual integrity and have fallen, take my advice and reach for this book – then grab hold of JESUS and don’t let go.

One response to “book review 001.

  1. Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging review of my book The Game Plan. I was especially blessed to read your remarks about it being conversational, as that’s what I intended it to be. Honestly, it was the most personal book I’ve written so far, and the most meaningful. So thanks again for graciously posting a review of it. Great site, by the way! God bless you in all you’re doing here for Him.


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