chambers on the gay-gene.

Here’s an article I was just emailed, in which Alan Chambers – president of Exodus International – talks about the “gay-gene”.  It’s an interesting read, and goes well with what we’ve been talking about (see the post below for more details).


2 responses to “chambers on the gay-gene.

  1. I wrote a lot about this idea of a gay gene in my recent blog posting.

    Look, it’s basically an article of faith. And there is room in science for my faith. I don’t care if they haven’t found it yet, I choose to believe. The gay gene is kind of like the tooth fairy.

    By the way, I see you are a big hater. Only when you tell me that my behavior is correct do you love me.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Patrick. I checked out the post you commented on and found the link to be broken. The article is not on the site anymore, sorry about that.

      I checked out the link you gave … I actually read every word you wrote. I’m sorry you think I’m a “hater,” but I totally disagree with you. How can I hate the very ones I used to be apart of? I may not agree with the choices you make for yourself, Patrick, but that doesn’t mean I hate you. Maybe you shouldn’t be the one to judge a person so quickly.

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