a post of a post.

I have been invited by opposingviews.com to blog about my views on homosexuality via their forum.  Here’s the link for the board.

I know I have been lax on posting new material and I’m sorry for the delay.  But honestly, my heart is heavy right now.  It seems that this “battle” is getting out of hand and much bigger than I had ever thought it would be.  It seems the everyone and their mother has the right view about homosexuality.  And while they may have good (and bad) points, nothing bugs me more about this issue than people speaking their view who have no real identification to homosexuality except through a mutal friend or relative.

It would seem to me that some of the best evidence, from either side, should be (and come from) those of us who have walked the actual road that’s being debated.  I believe that we are at a vital time within our culture and faith right now in dealing with the issue of homosexuality, GOD’S Word, and being examples of JESUS.  The debate, I believe, has outgrown itself.  Both sides have enough expert evidence to outdo the other side (or so it’s presented that way).  Both sides now have ‘ministries’ to give freedom to those struggling – to be free from homosexuality, and to be free from ministries that help one be free from homosexuality.  It’s crazy.  My heart seriously aches over this issue and for those caught in between.

For me, the issue comes down to one question …


One response to “a post of a post.

  1. Ya know. I was reading this and I really feel for you. I went through the whole being annihilated by people with opinions thing and I finally just decided to lay low so to speak. What I have found is that when people want to get free, they will find Jesus. And so I can just chill out, pray for the lost ones, and I don’t really have to fight or be right or make my opinion known even. Daddy is big enough to take care of himself, and it is actually more important for me to rest and sit at His feet like Mary, than try and be a Martha with all of my busy opinions. Some people just want to argue and Satan has a really uncanny way of getting us at the right place at the right time to get in some religious debate with Johnny so and so over something that really isn’t going to make a hill of beans anyway… it is just a distraction and waste of energy.

    So with all of that said… I just pray for peace to you, and rest. In Jesus’ name…


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