catching up.

First let me say, it seems like I’ve forsaken the site … and I am really sorry about that … but thanks for continueing to stop by.  I trust this ‘blog’ ministry is informative, and at least keeps the conversation going about this sensitive subject.

Here’s what’s been going on (in my life and around the net):

  • School is under way, which is good but also draining.  I’m in my last year (praise GOD), so I knew coming in would be hard.  Still, GOD is getting me through it … though I do wonder: if math of GOD or of Satan.  I think the later, because GOD isn’t that cruel (lol).
  • I’ve had some good conversations over at opposing views (blog).
  • I’ve also had some conversation via this blog as well (YS blog).
  • Apparently Clay Aiken and Ray Boltz have decided to fling the closet doors wide open.  The fact that they came out doesn’t bother me, though coming out and professing gay-Christianity does.
  • A bit of older news, but still a great reason to rejoice, Exodus has started to bridge the gap between themselves and the women who struggle with SSA (news post here).
  • Not sure what to think of Liberty College and this particular stance, any comments on it?

Some more links will follow, but I want to disclose them on a different post.  Anyways, things are starting to look up here at six11 ministries, so regular blogging should continue.


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