to struggle or not to struggle.

Here’s a great article I just read over at the Exodus Youth site (blog), written by Mike Ensley.  It deals with SSA and whether or not they will ever go away.

Here’s my response to it:

excellent article mike. too often, myself included, strugglers with SSA give up because they can’t shake their attractions to the same sex. but just because this is so, doesn’t mean that they aren’t walking in freedom from these attractions. a straight man shouldn’t divorce his wife because another woman catches his eye as he walks down the street – just like one who struggles with SSA shouldn’t give up because someone catches their eye every so often.

i still struggle with SSA, even though i’m VERY happily married. it’s still a struggle because i’m fallen and i live in a fallen world – not to mention that satan is pissed that i’m not walking with him anymore.  but just because i struggle doesn’t mean that i’m still gay … it just means that i struggle.

GOD is the one who defines who you are, and who you aren’t. period. end of story.

so yeah, props to your article mike.


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