Piper’s John.

If you know me, you would know that I have recently found a deep love and respect for Pastor John Piper.  He speaks the truth no matter how hard it may be to fully take in.  Pastor Piper gives it to us straight.  He stands firm on scripture, and in so doing, he portrays the Glory of GOD like no one else I have ever seen or heard.  He truly is a disciple to model one’s life after.

I offer this post to him because he has recently begun a study on the gospel of John.  And without sounding bias, this new sermon series rocks!  So, I want to make sure all of you know about it.  Follow this link to his resource page, from there click on the podcast link, which will then take you to the iTunes page for Piper’s podcast.  Download the following casts:

The New Commandment of Christ: Love One Another As I Have Loved You

In the Beginning was the Word

In HIM was Life

(Remember to subscribe to his podcast so the upcoming sermons will be downloaded automatically.)


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