TUFW reflection.2.

In chapel last Friday, we were asked to journal about TUFW closing, in a form of a pslam.  So I thought I would share what’s been on my heart, again, about this subject.

GOD has moved throughout this place.  And GOD continues to move throughout this campus.  Even when our doors close, GOD is going to use this place for HIS glory – with or without man’s permission.  This truth excites me to no end.

PSALM 40 (part LXII)

I don’t understand YOUR ways

I never understand why YOU saved me
Why YOU found favor on me
Why my life YOU rescued
And why some lives are still dying.

I never understood why YOU allowed certain pain
Why YOU stopped other pains
Why YOU opened some doors
And why YOU didn’t open others.

I don’t understand why man has somehow changed YOUR direction
Why YOUR vision is somehow stopped
Why YOUR Spirit has somehow been halted
And why the other place is somehow receiving our blessing.

I do not understand YOUR ways

But I do understand these things:
YOU have always been GOD
YOU will always be GOD
And I will continue to stand in YOUR amazement.


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