setting a pace.

NOTE:  six11 ministries is not a political site.  We do not endorse one party over the other, nor will we try to sway people to one side over the other.  We are like JESUS in that we are bipartisan.  What six11 ministries does do though is speak forth truth into the ears of a fallen world.  Our ministry strives to not only bridge the gap between the Church and the sexually broken, but we also strive to hold the Church accountable to fulfilling it’s greater purpose: the mission of CHRIST.  In saying that, I have this offer …

If you know me, you know I love to insert my .02 cents into heated debates and heavy topics. So of course I’ve got something to say about the election results.

I can honestly say that I am torn between last night’s results.

On one hand, my heart is heavy because coming from a moral conscience, I do not agree with Obama’s stances on abortion, marriage, and other social/economical issues. I’m a conservative, but even more I am a CHRIST follower. I believe in justice but not at the cost of compromising morals.

On the other hand, I am ecstatic that my children will grow up in a nation of possibility and hope. It pleases me to no end that we have (finally) an African-American President. Now, may the ugly head of racism and bigotry DIE! May we finally pass on a unified ideal to our children that all are created equal in the eyes of GOD – that our GOD paints HIS creation and existence in many colors and nationalities.

I will also say this, that according to Romans 13:1, we Christians have been commissioned by GOD to pray for the leaders HE allows to be in power. I am not saying that Obama is or isn’t GOD’S choice for President – that is a stupid argument – but what I am saying is this: if you dare call yourself a Christian, then dare to live as one.

Regardless of who is in office, what things transpire while that person is in office, what wars are raged and/or what ‘immorality’ may come about, may we as Christians be united upon our knees seeking the face and will of GOD – our King of Kings. May we never forget that GOD is still upon HIS throne, reigning in complete Justice and Sovereignty.

This is not a time to protest with signs or Facebook status’, rather it’s a time to gather as one, lift up in prayer the man GOD has allowed to run this country, and prayerfully consider how we can become part of the overall solution in this world of trouble and chaos.

In saying that, I officially submit my name, and start my campaign, to be the next President of the United States in 2100.

(I’m Shawn Harrison, and I approve this message.)


4 responses to “setting a pace.

  1. I’m going to actually have to agree that Jesus is not bipartisan, i am going to say that he is transpartisian, as in transcends parties, and don’t argue, I have bible verses 🙂

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