funny reactions.

So I was eating lunch today with some friends at school (the one they’re closing down), and this girl (we’ll call her Julie) was sitting with us.  The conversation went from politics, to end times, to our preferred diets.  Needless to say, the table-talk was interesting.  We’re about to get done, and I notice some cheesy decor on the windows in our lounge …

I comment by saying this: “Who picked out these colors and patterns?!”

My friend Brent says: “You’re the gay one, you tell us?”

I say: “No real gay guy would have picked out this material and called them decorative.”

Julie responds with: “I love shopping with gay guys.  They always are a joy to shop with.”

I say: “No, not all the time.”

She says: “How would you know?  Have you ever shopped with a gay guy?” (Mind you, she has no idea about my past)

I responded quickly, looking at my other friends: “Yeah I have actually.  And I know for a fact that they’re not always a joy to shop with.”

Julie says: “How do you know?”

I say: “Cause I used to be gay.” (Now the table is silent and Julie is looking at me as a deer looks into the eyes of a gun barrel)

She responds with: “No way!  You’re just joking.” (And so my friends and I spend the next 10 minutes trying to explain to her that yes I was in fact homosexual a couple of years ago, that I’m not, and that this isn’t a joke.)

Julie, trying to finally understand all of this, says: “Oh.  Well, that’s nice.”

People’s reactions to my story still crack me up.  Some believe me, and others can’t imagine it.  I guess my straight-ness is finally showing through.  Then again, I can’t always hide my ‘naturalistic’ side of being me.

Likewise, on this blog, it shows you how people search for your site.  Every once in awhile I find the following phrase as being the thing that sent people to my site:  “is shawn harrison gay”.  Sometimes it has a question mark attached to it, but most of the times it doesn’t.  So to answer everyone’s question, or at least those who search for me …

Is Shawn Harrison Gay? No.  But thanks for being concerned anyways.  If anything else, I’m glad Google knows the real answer to that commonly asked question.

Think of me this week as I get ready to speak twice at a church this coming Sunday.  Thanks in advance.


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