i remember the day.

… when AIDS wasn’t an issue.  It wasn’t talked about but there weren’t known cases of it.  Then, out of nowhere, it was everywhere – on the news, in papers, on MTV, and the like.  You couldn’t escape hearing about it.  Everyone was wearing a red ribbon, and famous people were starting to die from the disease.  Soon, family members and friends became victims.  AIDS had a face …

But as time went on, the public forgot about it’s face … and churches continued to ignore the faces behind the disease.

I remember the days that ‘JESUS-followers’ wouldn’t go near people who had AIDS – because it was still a gay-disease.  Then, Bono appeared, and called the Church on the carpet.  Now churches are scrambling to help take on the fight against AIDS.  But some of us, who have been fighting since the beginning are still asking the unanswered question: what took you so long?

Nonetheless, JESUS-followers are finally starting to follow JESUS … reaching out to those who suffer, mourn, and deal with AIDS.  After all, if JESUS-followers don’t take up the cause of the widows and orphans of AIDS … who else will?  Shame on us if we’re not obedient to be HIS hands and feet to a people who need to be touched and comforted.

I remember the day when AIDS hit home … I remember the days when I was scared of having it.  I remember the day … today … World AIDS Day.

Now I hope to see the day when this disease is no more.  I hope my kids see that day … so the sadness of it all is wiped away … forever.

But until there’s a cure … remember the day.



2 responses to “i remember the day.

  1. “AIDS had a face.” How right you are and how sad it is for people to wait until someone they know or love is faced with a disease before they get involved. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the need for understanding. It’s sad we need World AIDS Day to call attention to this horrible disease, but it’s heartening to see so many people involved and working toward a cure – for all.


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