Church hypocrisy.

I was just over at Ex-Gay Watch, which I normally stop by to see what’s up in the ex-gay and ex-ex-gay realm of Internet society … it’s actually a good read.

But today I found this article that speaks about the Catholic Church’s stance on protecting homosexuals from getting the death penalty in other countries – cause of their sexuality.  The basic stance is this: let them die.

Speaking as a former Catholic … and even more so, speaking as a follower of JESUS … let me say this to the Church:



Please understand that I say this in love … Church, if we are to boycott anything, let us boycott those who make such statements as these.

One quote from the article is this:

This week the Vatican’s permanent observer to the United Nations, said the Holy See would oppose a resolution that would protect gays from being killed, just because they are gay because it would “add new categories of those protected from discrimination” and could lead to reverse discrimination against traditional heterosexual marriage.

The issue isn’t gay marriage … the issue is the overall sanctity of life, which we are all called to uphold – no matter what.  No wonder the Church seems to be losing its relevance.

**I understand that I am generalizing the Church here, and that there are some Christians who share my same sentiments.  But until we – including myself – change the face of Church into that of CHRIST, we are all going to be generalized when issues like this arise.


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