the heterosexual agenda.

On Box Turtle I found an interesting article, and pdf, that seems to expose the ‘Heterosexual’ agenda.  Their basis is that by using the same studies that ‘anti-gay’ theorists use, one can conclude that heterosexuality is damaging, if not more that homosexual relationships.  NOTE: It is noted on the site that this article is a parody, but a parody that brings truth to light.

I’ve read their report, and I will go on record to say that I totally agree with it.

Man ( including woman) is sinful.  We live in a sex-craved culture.  Prime-time sex sells, and porn sites make the Internet World go round.  We are a people of sex … sexuality … sex-satisfaction.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi-sexual, or have been in an underground cavern for years, humanity as a whole is fallen.

What we need is not for people to be persuaded to one side over the other (gay trumps straight, straight trumps gay).  Instead, we need to get back to seeking our identity in the ONE who made us, and not in the creation that stimulates us (Romans 1:25).  Of course everything leads back to scripture, because it’s the only place we find who we truly are, and who were truly not.  All of humanity, being created by GOD, is called to be imitators of HIM who formed us (Ephesians 5:1, Psalm 139:13); and that in this way, we should embrace the truth that we are in fact GOD’S children, if we believe HIM to be our Father (1 John 3:1).

Without sounding too ‘self-righteous’, neither side, homosexual or heterosexual, can claim rights to being the perfect sexuality.  Because in the end both sides have failed the test.  The only sexuality that seems to be ‘blessed’ is one that brings Glory to GOD.  After all, that’s the litmus test for all humanity: does your life bring GOD glory or yourself glory?  In the end, only one ‘being’ will stand before GOD as being ‘righteous’: those who have put themselves at the foot of the cross, denying their own glory to bring GOD glory.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.


2 responses to “the heterosexual agenda.

  1. Hi;

    There is not such thing as “heterosexual agenda”, in reality it is “What the Bible teaches”.

    Homosexuals and heterosexuals will stand before a holy God that will judge according to His Law (10 Commandments) and not our own standards.

    We cannot pass the test… Homosexuals and heterosexuals aren’t “righteous” enough, but their hearts are desperately wicked. If God gives us justice, we will be damned to hell for eternity.

    But Go is rich in mercy and sent Jesus to pay the fine for test Law that we broke. We broke God’s Law but Jesus paid our fine in his life’s blood. After he rise from the death, givin us the free gift of forgiveness of sins and justification before the Judge of the Universe.

    What we must do in response is REPENT that means to tun from our sins: lying, stealing, lust, etc; including homosexuality. If we truly REPENT, God promises to give us a new heart with new desires so that we will despise sin an embrace the things of God. Second, we must put out trust in Jesus for our salvation. Not in our church, not in out good works, not in a prayer; but in Jesus and Jesus only.

    This is the Bible Agenda… This is the gospel.

    Thanks for reading,

    God bless.

  2. The name “heterosexual” agenda comes from the article that I was referring to.

    I agree – there is no homosexual agenda and no heterosexual agenda. Thanks for your response.

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