Running after DAD.

Randy Thomas wrote an article for Boundless Webzine, about being chased and caught by our dad … and by our DAD.  Here’s an exert from it:

One of my delights in life, as a single man, is watching good parents love their children, and seeing those children flourish in that loving environment. I love watching little Isaac’s eyes when his daddy “catches” him and he no longer wants to escape the embrace and just smiles and rests.

Rests, that is, for about two minutes and then is off to the races again. I like that part too.

A Different Kind of Chase

I only remember brief encounters with my Bio Dad when I was Isaac’s age. And then there are a few brief drunken snapshots of him when I was in fifth and sixth grades in Nashville. That’s pretty much it.

My dad did all the running then and there was no catching him.

One fateful day, during the “snapshot” time-frame, he got in a fight with my mom and her new boyfriend, Wallace, a man who would eventually become my stepfather. I stood at the screen door, watching this mystery called “Daddy” go huffing out to his car. I called after him, “Are you going to come back?” He jumped in his car, rolled down the window and said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

He never called.  [read more here]

This story reminds me of my own ‘forgiving’ process towards my father (and mother).  I know what it was like having hatred loom deep within my heart … I know what it’s like having that hatred lifted and replaced by a peace that surpasses all understanding and ‘human-doing’ (Philippians 4:7).  It’s written in Matthew 7:7-11, that if earthly father’s know how to care for their own kids, how much more does our Heavenly Father know how to care for us.  James adds to this truth, and calls us to remember that everything good thing comes down from the Father of Life (1:16-18).  In Psalm 27:10, GOD says that even if our parents forsake us, HE will never let us go; but will continue to stand for us (Joshua 1).  John reminds us in 1 John, over and over again, how much we are loved by the Father … how much we are in fact GOD’S children (3:1).

Today, may you grab hold of these truths … as you allow GOD, your true Father, grab hold of you.


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