Students + need = love.

I received this new story link from YS today.  It appears that a new self-mutilation practice is gaining popularity among teenagers.  Instead of cutting, binge drinking, or taking pills, some students are now inserting ‘things’ into their bodies, like: paperclips, wood, stones, needles, and the like.

Here’s a brief exert from the article:

Researchers evaluating a new technique for locating and removing objects accidentally embedded in the body say they may have uncovered a new form of self-mutilating behavior in which teenagers intentionally insert objects into their flesh.

Personnel at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, report extracting 52 foreign objects that 10 teenage girls deliberately embedded in their arms, hands, feet, ankles and necks over the last three years, including needles, staples, wood, stone, glass, pencil lead and a crayon.

One patient had inserted 11 objects, including an unfolded metal paper clip more than 6 inches long.

The study, presented Wednesday at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, is the first to report on this type of self-inflicted injury among teenagers, the researchers said. They call the behavior “self-embedding disorder.”

[You can read the rest of it here]

As parents, adults, Christians, non-Christians, youth pastors, family members and friends, we need to be at the forefront of taking back our children from the pessimistic view that our culture is presenting to them.  At all cost we need to be instilling within our children (from toddlers to young adults) that they are valued above and beyond all that seems to come against them.  Our children should be the most prized possession we have on this earth.  And to me, it seems that the more we stand back and ignore the issues that are attacking our kids, the more we are showing them that life is just about survival of the fittest.

Maybe one thing we can learn from this economic crisis is this: gaining material wealth is not worth loosing our family for.  If kids are injecting themselves with objects, in order to get their parents attention and affection, or to get any ones response for that matter, than there is something seriously wrong with our way of life.  Things need to change.

We voted in a President based on his stance of CHANGE.  Before we can change America, we need to change our home-lives.  And before we can change our homes, we need to change our heart-focus.

May the change we desire and long for, start with us first.  For our kids sake.


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