HIS love endures.

In my opinion, one of the greatest pieces of scripture ever written is 1 John 3:1, which says:

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of GOD!  And that is what we are!

If you’re like me, trying to grasp the love of GOD is a hard concept.  HIS love is unconditional … yet we put conditions on it.  HIS love is faultless … yet we tag our own faults onto it.  HIS love is free … yet we put a price tag on it.  HIS love is everlasting … yet we put limits on it.  Many times we fail to embrace GOD’S love because our shame, condemnation, or something else self-imposed gets in the way of us receiving such a grand love from GOD’S heart.

In the end, we fail to embrace such truths as 1 John 3:1.

If you have taken hold of GOD, and have joined HIM in a relational journey, making HIM Savior and LORD of your life, please understand what is being spoken here: you are no longer abandon, rather you are an adopted child of GOD, who lavishes great love upon you – daily.

Consider these other verses:

Lamentations 3:21-24 … HIS mercies are NEW every morning.  Each new day, we receive the full amount of grace and mercy to get through the day – trials and all.

Psalm 103 … praise the LORD that HE doesn’t forget you or abandon you in hard times – even though it may feel like HE has, GOD is ever present with us through it all.

Isaiah 43:1-4 … ever need to read or “hear” GOD say those magical three words: I love you?  Verse 4 clearly states, that from the LORD’S mouth comes what are broken hearts need to hear … because I love you.

John 4 … we are like the Samaritan woman, who is thirsty for truth and grace; and just as HE offered her a drink, so JESUS also offers us a free drink of HIMSELF.  There is no condemnation, only a choice to be made and a loving heart to take us in – for the first time or the hundredth time.

John 8 … as we saw with the woman at the well, so we see with the woman caught in an act of sin.  Re-read JESUS words to her in verse 11: Neither do I condemn you … go now and leave your life of sin.  HE offers us hope and the means to leave our life of ruin, and offers us a life of meaning and grace in return.

Romans 8 … in CHRIST we are more than conquerors – for nothing can separate us from the love of the Father which is in CHRIST JESUS.  Nothing we do causes HIM to love us less … or love us more.  HIS love is eternally-unconditional.

So what’s my point for this mush of lovey-ness?

Too many people, both Christian and non-Christian, are walking around today in a cloud of hopelessness and depression.  They are trying to fill a void within themselves (their hearts especially) with everything but the one thing that can actually satisfy them completely: the love of GOD.

It is my heart’s prayer that we, being the broken and desperate, find our true identity not in the world around us, but within the image (love) of CHRIST.  Finding ourselves in HIM is the only sure way that we will overcome the obstacles that we are facing today.  I count myself as one who needs this, because I too struggle with taking on the world’s identity most days, instead of taking on my Savior’s identity.

HIS love is like none other … trust me on this.  If you have embraced it, embrace it more today.  If you have rejected it, please give it other try.  If you have forgotten about it, remember it again.  This love may seem foolish, but only fools end up passing it by.



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