**** Updated:  in case you don’t have iTunes, here is a direct link to an mp3 of the podcast.

For some time, our college radio station (WBCL …aimed at your heart) launched a teen-young adult web radio station called Remedy FM.  All biases aside, I think the station kicks butt.  Here’s this link to listen live.


Anyways, I approached Clinton, the head-man of the station, about doing a show dealing with teens and sexual identity issues.  After some calls and emails, Clinton and I finally were able to sit down today and talk about this issue.  And man, it sounds like GOD is up to some GOD-awesome stuff for both myself and Remedy —– and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Today, Clinton interviewed me on his “ER” podcast, which is for youth pastors/workers/volunteers/and anyone else who works with students.  This podcast was just the tip of the ice-berg on addressing the issue of sexual identity confusion and brokenness.  Still, these issues are finally being talked about more and more in the youth ministry circles … which also greatly excites me.

Keep a watch out for more info coming (hopefully) soon.  And be sure to subscribe to the “ER“, and other Remedy FM podcasts.


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