Senior promoted.

It has been a long time coming, but finally my day of graduation is here.  I handed in my final paper on Friday – all that is left are two finals (one in apologetics and one in art).

If you have been following this blog for awhile now, you will know my frustration in trying to put things on here to build up our ministry all the while trying to accomplish my senior year too.  Now that school is done, I truly hope to find adequate time to devote to this blog and ministry.  The passion and call from GOD to do such has been great in the last few weeks – which has been awesome.  In the last few weeks, I have had the privilege to help out with a sexual brokenness retreat in PA, have my testimony video taped twice (once for a church service), share my story with a group of young adult/college students; and I have been given the go ahead by Remedy.Fm to start a podcast that deals with sexual brokenness for teens, youth leaders, and parents.  GOD is surely moving six11 ministries along – and with each step I am praising HIM even more.  I am humbled by how GOD is using a broken vessel like myself … I am not worthy of this in any regards … but through HIS love and rich grace I am testifying to HIS greatness.


“What’s next?”, has been the question asked of me by family, friends … myself.  But GOD hasn’t given me answer to give just yet.  Am I nervous – yeah.  Am I worried about it – not really.  I know regardless of what comes our way, GOD is going to provide for us – HE always has before.  Sure it would be nice to see what’s around the next corner, but, for me anyways, GOD doesn’t always work like that.  HE rather I continue to walk in faith, and not sight.  In any case, prayers are much appreciated.

To all others graduating:  GOD’S blessing to you all, and may you always walk within HIS light, glory, and footprints.


2 responses to “Senior promoted.

  1. Congratulations on graduating, and may God bless you by leading you to the ways in which you can best serve him by being his instrument for building up his kingdom.

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