Advice from Andrew Marin.

I have to admit, I have yet to get Andrew Marin’s new book, Love is an Orientation.  I have read countless reviews for it – so I will be getting it for sure.  And I suggest others get it as well.  Though I don’t know all of what Marin has written in his book, I am sure that for the most part I am in agreement with what he does say.  Especially if I were to base his book off of this quote from Leadership’s interview:

Q: Where is the best place for the church to address this issue [gays and the Church coming on common ground]?

A: “The best way to keep these young people in the church is to address the issues on the home-front.  Parents should learn how to talk about same-sex attraction and homosexuality and how to live in the tension as a representative of Jesus Christ in their kids’ lives.  The next best person is the youth pastor.  I know hundreds of “out-and-proud” GLBT adults who never told their youth pastor about the most important issue in their lives – their same-sex attractions.  If more youth pastors are trained to talk about it, more GLBT teens might feel safe opening up.”  Andrew Marin, Leadership, Spring 2009.

Andrew, I couldn’t agree with you more my friend on this sound advice.

In talking with my own mom, she confesses that if she had known and understood more about homosexuality she would have reacted differently then she did when I came out to her.  Parent’s need to talk about this issue with thier kids – they have to.  I was watching an episode of Degrassi yesterday, and the show was about two teens who had come out to their ‘homophobic’ parents.  Wow – did they bring back flashbacks.  Not that my parents were homophobic, but they didn’t quite understand what to say or how to support me in being a gay teen.

So how do parents understand?  They need to be informed by those who are familiar with this issue – including youth pastors, and senior pastors.  How do they get informed?  By people like Andrew Marin and myself – teachers who understand the realms of homosexuality, and who have huge hearts in seeing the gay community reached with the love of JESUS – nothing more, nothing less.  The Church needs to be re-educated.

It is long past time for the Church to unstuck its head from sand, and face up to the gays and lesbians standing at their doors, begging to be embraced by the authentic arms of CHRIST.  Mr. Marin has given us a challenge to live up to … as does CHRIST.  Again, I ask the question, how will we (the Church) respond?


5 responses to “Advice from Andrew Marin.

  1. Excellent points. I have been thinking that the Church has to emphasize the love of God above all in what it says to homosexuals. But this adds the dimension that for teens, the specific individuals who do the work of the Church must be the parents, youth ministers, and teachers. So the Church must equip them for this ministry. I’ll check out the book.

  2. This is a book I want to add to my summer reading list. I saw it previewed somewhere and thought it was extremely interesting. And like you have read some encouraging reviews.
    Shawn, if you get a copy of this before I do let me know.

    It really is imperative that we are knowledgeable about issues of homosexuality. And not just see it as something on a TV show, in pop culture or something “other”. We have to realize friends, children many of those around us are dealing with these issues.

    Also, we should get together sometime this summer. I would love to come out and visit or we can meet up in Fort Wayne.

  3. Let me understand–are you saying Christians are to accept homosexual behavior in teens or others? Where does Scripture ( or common sense) tell us to do that?

    Sounds like the opposite of what authentic believers would do. We can show them the way out, but it’s still sin.

    • Hey Linda,

      Thanks for your question. No, I am not saying that we should accept sinful behavior to run unchecked in the church – that goes for all sin. But we are called to love the person stuck in sin (John 4), and we are called to offer grace over judgment (John 8). As the Church, and more over the Body of CHRIST, we are to separate sin from the person – just like CHRIST did throughout HIS ministry … just as Paul calls us to do as well (1 Corinthians 6).

      If we only show the world grace, and not truth, we have missed the mark. Likewise, if we only show the world truth, and not grace, we have missed the mark. The Body of CHRIST needs to balance the two – as JESUS did – loving those within the homosexual community, while speaking truth into their lives.

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