Moral Codes and “Owl” Outreaching.

In the recent issue of Leadership Journal, there are two surprising articles on page 12 and 13 – one deals with outreaching to the famous ‘owl’ establishment (Hooters) and another focuses on the moral code of 18-25 year-olds.  Below are my thoughts on the two articles.

“That’s Outreach to a T” (page 12)

Pastor Cliff Reiff, of Rice Temple Baptist Church, is going where no other church has gone before … yet seemingly where JESUS went often … to the “least of these” – notably, Hooters Restaurant.  The eatery is more known for the waitresses then, say, food – though most males swear they go for the wings.  Still, the restaurant ‘proudly’ exploits women because that’s where the money seems to be.  Despite the high controversy though, Pastor Cliff looks past these issues into a deeper one: Hooters needs JESUS, just like everyone else.  So, Pastor Cliff is taking the message of the gospel to them, commenting that “As you get to know these girls, you realize, ‘They’re just like me.  They’re hoping to find their way.  They are real people with real needs.'”  And for that, he presses on bringing JESUS to the unlikely – to those the Church often writes off as hell-bound.  And for that, JESUS smiles greatly, and says, “Well done Cliff.  Well done.”

New Moral Code (page 13)

According to Barna, those 18-25 seem to be establishing a new moral code … which basically says Relativism is the new King of the Mountain.  In an average week, 64% cussed in public; 38% hooked up for sex; 37% lied; 33% viewed porn; and 26% gossiped.  While today’s culture looks at these things as being ordinary-every-day happenings, one has to wonder, “How does GOD’S morals fit into today’s culture, and are they still needed to raise up future generations?”  I proclaim that while GOD’S morals are needed for steering future generations, culture (including political influences) seems to push out GOD’S intentions of morality in order to appease the mainstream.  Though, oddly enough, according to Revelant Magazine, Gallup has found that 51% of American refers to themselves as being pro-life.  This leads me to scratch my head …


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