Salvation on the Strip.

Here’s another interesting article from Leadership Journal, about “porn pastor” Craig Gross [].  In it, Gross talks about this new church (click on his name to view the site), his mission to reach out to Sin City, and his passion for JESUS.  While the entire article is a great read, and an eye opener for the Church to consider, below are a few gems from the article.

As our culture becomes more addicted, how does the posture of the church need to adapt?

“… I’ve met a lot of younger people that don’t want to be a traditional youth pastor or worship pastor or senior pastor.  They want to take the gospel into the darkness, into the red light districts, but traditional churches aren’t structured for that.”

What is keeping more churches from going into those hard places?

“You’ve got to be willing to throw out the rulebook … JESUS wasn’t afraid to dine with sinners … Why are we so afraid?”

How is pornography addiction different than other vices?

“… the Internet has made porn more available, but it’s also made it more secretive.  It’s easy to cover up, and it’s everywhere … it finds you.”

In doing a side interview, Leadership also talks with Bret Johnson, Gross’s pastor, of South Hills Church Community.  In this brief discussion, the question is asked: What should more traditional churches be learning from Craig and The Strip Church?  Bret says:

“Craig is just doing what more Christians should be doing.  The people he’s meeting in the sex industry are just normal people who want the same things we want … What we should be asking is, If a porn start comes to faith, would they fit into my church?  Churches need to see beyond those who are already coming … the church is the only organization in the world that exists more for people outside of it than for people inside of it.”

Amen!  Finally, churches are starting to wake up.

Thoughts, questions, rants?


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