Sex Down, Oral Up.

Here’s a report saying that fewer teens are being sexually active – intercourse wise:

Though this report says that oral sex and teen-stripping is up:

Maybe President Clinton’s remark about oral sex not really being sex is actually having a bigger impact on culture than expected.  O, parents, where art thou?


4 responses to “Sex Down, Oral Up.

  1. Oral sex is just as much fun as intercourse.

    It also lowers the risk of unwanted pregnancies, which is a benefit right?

    • That’s one way of looking at it … though, I tend to favor this outlook: sex is best experienced within the context of marriage. What today’s teens fail to realize is that even in practicing oral sex, their hearts are still being damaged because everything is being done outside the bounds of marriage – the way GOD intended sex to be enjoyed. Too many teens are giving in to oral sex – thinking that it’s not sex, and that it’s harmless – and yet walking away from it feeling cheapened and more often than not broken-hearted.

      To me, there’s no benefit in that.

  2. Not all of us can get married though. And not all marriages work the way they are supposed to work.

    There will be no way at all to stop teenagers from having sex ever, whether it be oral or intercourse. It is a fact of life,

    We can warn them all we want, but it won’t have an impact on them, they are actually more likely to go ahead and try it to prove our warnings wrong.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • You’re right.

      But to do nothing about it, or to not speak up about it, is basically giving your consent. As a youth pastor, parent, and follower of JESUS, I can’t do that. You’re right though, we live in a sexualized culture. Each person – both young and old – are accountable for their own actions. I will not force anyone to follow my advice, but at the same time I will not be silent about what I think (believe firmly) is truth.

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