Your Identity.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been talking to a lot of people about their identity.  And it got me thinking: where do people find their identity?  Why is telling someone who you are – I mean really who you are – often so difficult?  I think it’s because deep down inside, all of us struggle with who we truly are; and in that we are more often than not too afraid to really find out who we are, simply because we’re so used to hiding behind our masks.

In overcoming struggles of any kind – especially struggles that are addictions – I firmly believe that discovering who you are, and embracing that truth daily, is what leads us from our “jail cells”.  I’ve heard it said before that when we ask JESUS to forgive us from our sins – our faults – it’s like HE opens the cell door, allowing us to walk out – free.  But most of the time, we don’t move.  Whether it’s fear of the unknown or the fear of letting our “safety blakets (sin)” go, most of us stay put.  The odd thing is that we stand there still asking JESUS to set us free from whatever bondage seems to be entrapping us.  We fail to realize though that HE has indeed set us free …. we just choose not to walk in it.

This is where claiming your true identity comes into place.

Knowing who you are carries a lot of weight, and for each of us, it’s a question of life or death.  Some find their identity in what they do; some find their identity in their last name; and others try to buy their identity.  Some are even willing to trade it for another that seems to be better than what they already have.  Others seek to gain the whole world, and yet forfeit their very souls.  Many searching for who they really are bypass this question, and some mock it, but still the question needs to be asked: who does GOD say that you are?

In the days to follow, I want to talk about this subject, because it’s one (as I have already said) that causes us to walk out of our jail cells and into a life of total freedom.  Simply put, we are GOD’S and nothing can ever change that (Romans 8).  When we take this identity on, and claim it for ourselves, choosing to walk in it every day, the chains of oppression loose their grip on our lives and the prision cells that were once “home” are no longer able to keep us from escaping.


(C) 2009 // Shawn Harrison // six11 ministries //