New material for pastors.

Here’s a story from Exodus International detailing some new ministries for pastors and youth workers.  Just passing along the info.

The website,, features relevant news impacting the church, resources for pastors, a speaker’s bureau and in-depth articles that address tough questions many pastors face about homosexuality. The website is an extension of the Exodus Church Association – a national network of more than 120 churches helping those dealing with same-sex attraction to live a life that reflects the Christian faith.

In addition, Harvest House Publishers has just released a new Exodus resource for youth pastors that will help foster dialogue about sexuality and faith in a DVD entitled The Question of Homosexuality: A Conversation for Youth About Same-Sex Attraction. This resource features short discussion segments that include powerful testimonies and tackles tough questions such as: What does God say about homosexuality in the Bible? How should we respond to friends who struggle with homosexual feelings? Can homosexuals change?

“Homosexuality is one of the most challenging issues facing the Christian church today, but also one of the greatest opportunities we have to share the bold love and compassionate truth of Jesus Christ,” said Jeff Buchanan, pastor and Director of the Exodus Church Association. “Our goal is to empower pastors to meet this challenge so that many will find the freedom so many of us have experienced first-hand.”

My prayer is that we all – the Body of CHRIST, Exodus, six11, and others – will continue to love boldly those within the gay community, even if change never happens; and that the firm truth of JESUS CHRIST will be testified about regardless of the opposition.


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