Standing for purity.

Here’s a great article from the folks at Relevant Magazine.  The article calls us Christians, and actually everyone, to take a hard stand against cheap sex and to stand up for purity – moving beyond, “Because GOD says so.”

Here’s a clip of the article:

When we promote purity in today’s world, we must understand the whole issue at hand. Purity is more than personal chastity, and we must take a stand for purity with more in our hearts and heads than a simple “Because God says so.” We must see purity for all that it really is: commanded by God with the intention of setting us apart from the world, but also as a powerful form of protest against the cheap, casual sex peddled by this world and the heartbreak and slavery that result from buying into it.

Taking a stand for purity means taking a stand in support of the whole person, soul and all. We recognize every person is an eternal being, and sex is not simply a casual physical act. We recognize the spiritual implications of sex: the union of two becoming one on a very deep, spiritual level. As individuals we must believe purity can serve as a powerful voice of change in today’s world, and we must view our stance on purity as a protest against the enslavement of men and women to something that strips them of their spirituality.

Read the rest here.

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