I Surrender All?

I came accross this article from “neue ministry”, part of Relevant Magazine.  It’s an article about surrendering.  That word alone gets my mind whirling around in different directions.  Lets face it, most of us – including myself – don’t really like to surrender … especially if we really want something we can’t have, or shouldn’t have.

Still though, GOD calls us to surrender everything to HIM.  Everything.

The author makes some a good points; and while the article doesn’t solve every dislike we have against surrendering, it does give us some good reasons to like it – and in some cases, desire it.  The article link follows the insert.

Saying that surrendering gets easier is not the whole truth. There are ways in which surrendering gets harder. This is the irony: the more you give of yourself to God, the more He gives in return. What He gives may not necessarily be what you want or the way you want it, but more nonetheless. The more you have to hold on to, the harder it is to give it up again, and again, and again.


Stairway in blue heavens


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