Lust Hurts.

Here’s another article from Relevant Magazine: The Hardest Lesson in Lust.  By now, you know the drill: a summary of the article, then a link to the entire thing.

Get going, it’s a goody.

One day, we were both hit with the same realization. Sexual purity is so important because the ultimate relationship we have with our wives or husbands is one that is meant to reflect the relationship we have with God. This epiphany opened our minds to so many of the other reasons why sexual purity is so heavily championed.

I finally understood the baggage that comes with participating in the pseudo-dating hookup scene that was so prominent in my own adolescence. The young women who I kissed, touched and held would forever be a part of me and me a part of them. This was particularly hard for my girlfriend to hear even though she knew it was true. Even though society tells us to date around and experiment to gather research on a potential partner, such a mentality is so harmful. I hate the fact that I will always have that piece of the other women I have been with. Even though I do not actively think back on them, I will never be able to erase my past experiences.

An honest conversation about the truth so many of us fail to see.  Good job Jordan Davis.  Filling your mind with lust, is like quenching your thirst from a urinal – both leave a bad taste in your mouth … and life.



2 responses to “Lust Hurts.

  1. Your comments were so refreshing.It must have been a divine intervention for me to read this article for I was on the net this morning and by accident stumbled upon an article that contridicted your entire piece. My kitten turned off my computer before I could complete the article. Of course, I tried to recapture the article, but could not. In a final attempt to get back to the piece I found your article. Thank you for reminding of what I already know.

    • All I can say Ross is this … PRAISE GOD. That was nothing short than a miracle my friend. I pray you find other resources to help you on here as well. Let me know if you have any questions.

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