A Gay Friend.

How do we love others?

How do we love others who live different lifestyles than us, than what we hold to be moral?

What if a friend of yours (a son, a daughter, a parent, a sibling, a classmate) spoke up and told you that they were gay.  As a Christian (a follower of JESUS, a disciple) how would you handle the conversation and relationship?

Here is one writer’s take on the situation (Relevant Mag link).  But what about you, how would you handle it?

Would you …

cry for them?
cry with them?
pray for them?
pray with them?
beat them with a bible?
compromise the bible?
ignore them?
move closer to them?
support them?
shy away from them?
love them more?
love them any less?

How would you be JESUS to them?

In Matthew 28:19, JESUS commands us to go into all nations, teaching and baptizing others with and in the truth – HIS truth.  Now the Jewish people thought that they were the only ones GOD loved – which HE still does.  But when JESUS made that statement (among others), HE extended an invitation of love and grace to the ‘least of these’ found all over the world.

‘All nations’ implies all peoples of every nation, tongue, and tribe.  Why is it that Christians can go into the depth of the African jungles and love those who want to kill them – because they know no other way – and yet at the same time stand at the church door and deny some people groups to enter?  Since when did the Great Commission and the Great Commandment have limitations on them?  When did GOD give over HIS lordship and kingship to us, HIS bride?

As one person commented on the article from Relevant (again, link), these same questions can be assigned to any people group who are marginalized by the Church.  These types of questions interest me … they get me thinking … they remind me of why six11 strives to exist and minister to the surrounding culture.

So ask yourself these questions, not only in light of having a gay friend, but also in light of having a friend who does drugs, who is addicted to porn, who is divorced, who has molested a child, who is an atheist, who has been turned off by Church … who has been marginalized by the Bride of CHRIST.  You get the idea.



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