Masturbation … uhm … a follow up.

A few weeks ago, I tagged an article from Relevant Magazine’s website that dealt with masturbation, sin, and your thoughts about it – you can find that post here.  There were two guys (nicely) debating about the issue: Jesse, who said you can masturbate without lusting, and Josh, who said lust and masturbation go together no matter what.

Today, on Relevant’s website, Jesse wrote the following article – as a follow up to what he previously wrote.  It seems that he has been convicted (by the Spirit and GOD’S Word) to re-think what he first admitted to and submit more to what GOD says about the issue.  You can read Jesse’s new article here.

I must admit, I highly respect those who fess up when they have taken GOD’S Word out of context, and strive to make amends – giving GOD HIS due glory.

Thanks Jesse; despite your human weakness (which we all have), GOD has used you again my friend.  Praise GOD.


2 responses to “Masturbation … uhm … a follow up.

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