Let’s be humane about this …

A friend posted a link on his facebook page, so I followed it to this article on MSN: link.  Needless to say, my heart sinks because of the stupidity that is roaming freely throughout this world.

Senseless killings are now the norm.  I wonder, as a father of two, what good is there in the world to pass on to the generations after me?  Who wants to live in a world full of pure hate?  What has caused such brutality to seemingly overpower Love?

As a Christian, I can answer these questions by saying: we are a fallen people; a people who are sinful; a people who live in a world where satan is able to room freely.  But as I read those remarks, I also believe that though this is a fallen world, and though we are a sinful people, and even though satan does roam throughout the land, “Greater is HE who is in us then who is in the world”.  Right?

As a Christian, even though trouble and hate are going to come day after day, aren’t we suppose to overpower the world’s dysfunction with God’s eternal love?  As a Christian, aren’t we suppose to be a light to the nations; not a people who are hiding under political agendas or picket signs that meet our own needs.  We are supposed to be the mightily ones, the ones set apart, the ones filled with God’s Spirit, Power, and Self-Control – not fear!

So when I read stories like this (link), I wonder, “Where are the warriors of God?  Where are the ones who are supposed to stand for justice, mercy, and love?  Where are the ones God called forth to be His light and image to the world?”

The issue of protection of gays and lesbians is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  It’s not an issue of church denomination.  Nor is it an issue of conservative vs liberal theology.  Rather, it’s an issue of being what God has called us to be: fighters of justice and righteousness.  It’s an issue of being humane, and fighting for the same rights that every straight person has: the right to live.

I am not advocating for gay marriage, gay adoption, or the like (those are other issues for another time), but what I am advocating for is the sanctity of life.  I am PRO-LIFE, as many other Christians are.  But my PRO-LIFE stance includes fighting for the right to life of everyone, not just those I tend to agree with theologically.  When I read my Bible, it says that God loved the entire world and died for everyone on this planet – not a select few, and certainly not just for those who are “perfect”.  Christ said He came for those who need Him, not for those who can manage to live life without His help and covering.

PRO-LIFE: for the unborn, for those in poverty, for those in need, for those on welfare, for those torn apart by war, for those who are drug addicts, for those who have murdered others, for those who sit on death row, for those who are homosexuals, for AIDS patients, for the mentally handicapped … and so forth.

I am PRO-LIFE not because of political reasons but because my Father is PRO-LIFE.  He is a God of justice, mercy, grace, love, and truth, and to be otherwise is to go against His character.  I strive to be just like Him.  And so should His entire Church.


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