Book Review 002.

So, my attempt to review books for ministry has been sort of slow … but hey, at least I’m still holding to my original objective.


I want to highlight a book that has long been overdue to be posted on this site (my apologies Dennis).  When I first started my journey out of homosexuality, I was handed a cd by worship leader Dennis JerniganThis cd is still one of my favorite to listen to when I need encouragement to press on, and when I am seeking God’s heart for more of what He has.  Needless to say, this cd turned me into a Dennis Jernigan junkie (so-to-say).

I remember getting his book A Mystery of Majesty, which was a devotional book based off of his cd of the same name (I don’t think the book is still in print).  His words spoke just as deep as his songs did.  I find the same joy, healing, and holy-conviction in his (semi) new e-book “Victim to Victor“.  As with everything Jernigan does, God’s Spirit and Glory are all over the pages of this book, which will awaken every reader’s spirit with freshness and empowerment.

Victim to Victor is a “personal devotional walk towards Wholeness with Christ”, that takes the reader from the beginning of Dennis’ story to the very place the reader is at with God in their walk/understanding of wholeness.  As Dennis says, this book can be used as a personal devotional as well as a group devotional/study.  Each chapter is able to be adapted to what the reader/group needs it to be.  Each chapter lists an opening worship song to play, a short study, scripture to look up, and discussion/meditative questions following.

The book flows as a conversation between you (the reader) and Dennis.  As he shares his story, Dennis encourages you to explore your own story, taking note of where God has taken you from to where/what He is bringing you into.

Below are some excerpts from the chapter “Everything Changes”:

I came to the understanding that I had to make a conscious choice to let Him in.  i had to choose to finall be honest …

Could it really be that simple?  Could I have been striving in the wrong direction in the wrong way for the wrong reason all my life?  The answer was a resounding “yes”!  I had been so used to deciding if God could love me that I was never able to let Him love me!  Suddenly, it was no longer about me … it was quickly becoming about Him …

In that instant (by faith), I was given a brand new identity.  All I had been, all I had experienced, and all I had done against God’s will were eradicated in that moment.  I was made a brand new creation.  I determined that night that I would no longer rely on my gay friends for help with my identity.  My help would come from the One Who created me.  That night saw the beginning of an incredible journey towards wholeness.  My goal was not heterosexuality.  My goal was to know my God – and to let Him know me.  As a new creation, I decided to allow God to wipe the slate clean and learn to be.  Did I suddenly forget all my hurts?  No.  Was I somehow instantly and miraculously immune from my former temptations?  No … but somehow I knew that those things could not define me.  I wanted to know what my Maker had to say about my identity … even my sexual identity.  My desire was to discover who He says I am.  And that is exactly what I want for you.  Are you ready?

Victim to Victor, by Dennis Jernigan – read it!


One response to “Book Review 002.

  1. wow that paragraph is a powerful statement on understand true love and grace right now as i type this i have a few tears flowing from my eyes well also from reading you lets be humane article i cry because i know he’s still there in the midst of my battles but even more bc of the downspiral and nonloving world we live yah look after the family of those victims and help open those with closed minds in jesus name i pray

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