2nd Time Virginity.

An interesting conversation is going on over at Relevant Magazine in regards to one claiming a “second-time-virginity”.  What are your thoughts?

Can God re-store those who have “messed up”?  Is there such a thing as “second-time-virginity”?  Has anyone ever claimed this as their own?  Or, are people just fooling themselves with yet another flimsy Christian ideal?



4 responses to “2nd Time Virginity.

  1. I find that whole thing to be a bit silly. Virginity is great, but most people physically lose it before marriage, and we all lose it spiritually before we’re married (unless someone wants to claim that they never lusted, which I don’t think any honest person will).

    God can restore and heal anyone, but he can’t take away the past. If you’ve had sex (and I have), then you aren’t a virgin. You can ask God for forgiveness and make a commitment to steward your sexuality chastely (and I have), but I think it’s silly to say that you are a virgin again. Quite simply, you aren’t.

    And why should anyone feel pressured to take up the “virgin” label anyway? We’re all sinners, and a virgin is just as much a sinner in need of redemption as a non-virgin. To make it sound like only virgins are entering marriage healthily is, I think, not giving enough credit to God’s ability to help people overcome their past mistakes in a way that is both redeeming but aware of the fact that they happened.

    • I see what you’re saying Jay, and I agree. Though I can also see where the writer of this article is coming from – and I agree too. I think it has to do with perception.

      Still, I appreciate your honesty and the comment about the “virgin” label. Sometimes – especially in youth ministry circles – we are more determined to get people to sign “the card” and claim their virginity then we are at making disciples – people who, though they mess up, are in hard pursuit after God.

  2. I liked what has been said, thankyou. Is there anyone besides me who is ACTUALLY celebate & persueing GOD with their heart, mind, body, soul, strength & all their everything?

    • I think there are others out there, Daphne … in fact I have some friends that are doing exactly that. Be encouraged, your walk and passion is not done in vain! Thank you, for being obedient to God’s heart and will.

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