McClung’s Army of Bones pt1.

For the past few months I’ve been trying to digest Floyd McClung’s book, “You See Bones, I See An Army“.  It’s taken awhile not because the book is boring or hard to understand, rather the book is stirring up so much within me that I have to take time to process what God is saying.

In the beginning of the book, McClung offers three questions (which he spends most of the book answering):

  1. What is Church?
  2. What is the purpose of Church?
  3. How do we do Church?

After some heavy thinking, below are my answers to question one.  Understand that I am coming from the Biblical premise that the Church is you and I – a body, not a place.  I have broken the answers up to what the Church should NOT be and what the Church should BE:

What is Church?

  • NOT a building or structure
  • … a business
  • … a political powerhouse
  • … divided / denominational
  • … under dictation
  • … stationary
  • … an institution
  • … hindered / chained up
  • … a cookie-cutter
  • IT IS the Body of Christ
  • … a movement of radicals
  • … mobilized
  • … a force
  • … a move of God’s Spirit, Character, Holiness
  • … Jesus with flesh
  • … Jesus’ words put into action
  • … free
  • … powerful
  • … radical
  • … holy
  • … a bride
  • … set apart
  • … unstoppable
  • … functional
  • … visionary
  • … Spirit filled
  • … Saint inhabitant
  • … justice
  • … mercy
  • … grace
  • … love
  • … truth
  • … miraculous
  • … authority in God
  • … revolutionary
  • … unified

What would you add or subtract?  Did Christ intend for His Church to be a Body or a divided zip-code?  When “new-believers” come to know Christ, are we welcoming them into the Body of Christ or our particular denomination?

Just some thoughts to ponder.


One response to “McClung’s Army of Bones pt1.

  1. The church is a place where two (or more) fellowship and build each other up. Possibly, one has a psalm, one has a teaching, one has a revelation, one has a tongue and one has an interpretation.

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