Redoing some old posts.

On the right-hand side of this site, you will find a box that says: Starting the Conversation.

These are posts that I wrote outlining some basic conversation starters about homosexuality, the Bible, and gay Christians.  These are vast topics that are dealt with in basic terms – I realize this.  My intention is to get people acquainted with the conversation and through it begin talking about these issues – especially within the Church.

These are old posts that I have recently updated.  I did so for several reasons: to change some of the language I used, to refocus my wording, to better emphasis my purpose for writing about that particular topic, and to also fix some sloppy errors.  I am sure that I will update these posts again – I’m a perfectionist artist and I am never happy with what I write, paint, or sculpt.  But for now, I feel happy with what I have updated, and I hope I have appropriately fixed what I needed to fix.



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