Speaking of Taylor.

On October 10 – this Saturday – I will be leading a workshop on “Reconciling the Church and the Gay Community”, and will focus on helping the Church be a better vessel of God’s unconditional love when reaching out to the gay community.

The workshop will be held at Taylor University, in Upland Indiana, on October 1o in the afternoon.  Go here for more info about the overall conference (on Reconciliation and Identity).

I invite all to attend … not just for my workshop, but for the entire conference.



One response to “Speaking of Taylor.

  1. I just heard of your workshop and am delighted that you tackled such a project. I have family that work for Taylor U. and because I host a website for Christian groups and individuals that help SSA strugglers, thought I would be interested.
    WPSW stands for Western Pennsylvania Sexual Wholeness Network. Our mission is to connect those who struggle with homosexual issue with people that can help . Our focus is Western PA. nevertheless we encourage all who work with SSA (and sometimes that isn’t easy). I am always looking for interesting material to post on the website that would inspire others. Your workshop could be a motivator for other students.to step up to the plate. Send me an article on how it turned out and I will print it in our website.
    God Bless
    Marcia Brennan, Director,WPSW

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