Don’t Ask, done?

I try to not get too political on this blog, because that’s really not what our mission is about.  But when I read this on Fox News, I had to post it.

Obama Says He Will End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Let me just say this, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

I have hated this policy since Clinton introduced it in 1993.  To me, it didn’t make sense: gays and lesbians could serve in the Military (willingly fighting to protect our country), but they couldn’t ‘come out’ as actually being gay or lesbian (because that just voided their person-hood?).

I don’t see what anyone’s sexuality has to do with how they fight to protect our rights and country – just like no one’s race or gender should be a question.  If a gay man wants to fight to keep the land he loves safe from the “enemy”, then let him – who are we to tell him he can’t because he happens to like boys and not girls?  It seems odd to me, that those who are fighting for our freedom, have not yet been able to be freed themselves from discrimination.  That’s irony.

Even though Obama said he will end this policy, he has yet to say when he will do it.  I hope, for the sake of those who are serving overseas and back home, it’s sooner than later.

He also spoke about gay marriage and ending discrimination against the GLBT community.  I am in high favor of ending discrimination against gays and lesbians.  Though, I am also in favor of people having a “religious conviction”.  I hope neither aspect is overridden by the other.  As for the gay marriage discussion … let’s just say I am more in favor of civil unions than gay couples getting married before God in a church.




8 responses to “Don’t Ask, done?

  1. “let’s just say I am more in favor of civil unions than gay couples getting married before God in a church.”

    How do you feel about gay couples getting married before a judge (and family and friends) in a courthouse?

    Or before anyone with the license to marry others on a pretty beach?

    Or before a God you don’t necessarily believe in (though you might call it by the same name), in a church that isn’t the type you would probably attend?

    Just curious.

    • I don’t really have a problem with gays getting married before a judge – which is what I think civil unions are, right? The same goes for a “pretty beach”.

      What I have an issue with is when a gay couple wants to get married before God. To me, they are saying that they are making a bond between God and themselves to live for Him – which is what, I believe, any one does when they come before God in marriage. If they make such a “request”, then, I feel they need to live up to what He has asked all of us to live up to – i.e. His Word (the Bible). The whole issue of “what does God think about being in a gay relationship” then becomes the issue. Hence, we have a split argument.

      But, if the gay couple doesn’t believe in God – or doesn’t want to live up to what He calls all people to live up to, especially those who choose to follow Him – then why get married in a Church anyways?

      In a nut shell, this is what I think, anyways.

      • “which is what I think civil unions are, right?”

        True, but in America we call them all marriages. When two atheists get married in front of a judge, or a justice of the peace, it’s called marriage despite any religious baggage that term has. Why should it be any different for homosexuals?

        Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the government stopped referring to marriage as marriage and started calling them all civil unions, letting the different religions decide what is and isn’t marriage for each of their denominations. But realistically, that probably won’t happen.

        “then why get married in a Church anyways?”

        Because there are many Christian denominations that disagree with your interpretation of scripture.

        Any church, or religious group, is well within their right to deny their blessing or services in marrying any couple, homosexual or not. But why legally deny the religions and churches that have no problem with those couples the ability to marry them? (Assuming you want to legally deny them that right, which may not be true. By all means, correct anything I’ve said.)

      • “stopped referring to marriage as marriage”
        I can see your point, and I agree that it probably won’t happen.

        “legally deny them that right”
        Honestly, I think the government should stay out of it. I think it should be left up to the local church (denomination) to decide. I, personally, believe marriage (before God) is between one man and one woman – this conviction comes from my belief in what God says in scripture. In saying that, I don’t think we need laws saying who can marry who. I think this is an area where “separation of Church and State” comes into play.

      • “Honestly, I think the government should stay out of it.”

        I agree, except for the fact that many state governments are trying to make gay marriage explicitly illegal.

        So as soon as we are able to put the separation of church and state back where it should be, I agree, the government should stay out of it.

      • What are your thoughts (about gay marriage, the lift of the “don’t ask don’t tell policy”, et al)?
        Just curious.

      • Don’t ask, don’t tell should be repealed. (Or removed, destroyed, done-away-with…whatever the term is, homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the military openly if they so desire.)

        And homosexuals should be allowed to be married. They should get all the rights that heterosexuals get from being married, and if a church (or temple, or mosque, etc.) wants to marry them they should be free to do so.

        Sorry…not much subtlety to my views, heh.

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