Going to Uganda.

Uganda copy

On Novermber 27 through December 12, my wife Emily and I are headed to Uganda.

We have been invited by an awesome group of people (KAMInternational); and we both feel very strongly that God has set this plan in motion because He wants to use us to minister to the Uganda church and Pastors.

I have also been asked to speak during this trip.  Needless to say, I am humbled by the invitation.

Since I have been asked to speak, I have been praying about what to say.  I’ve struggled with God on what I want to say verses with what He wants me to speak about.  (Long story short, I lost the battle and He won.)  I strongly feel that a big reason why I am going to Uganda is to speak to the church about reaching out to the GLBT community.

As some may be aware of, or maybe not, it is illegal to be gay in Uganda.  In fact, people are being killed because of being gay.  This is not right, no matter what one’s theological position is on homosexuality.  These senseless attacks on the GLBT community need to stop; and I believe God wants to use His Church to lead the way in stopping such discrimination.  To my knowledge, the church in Uganda has not done anything about these issues (much less the Church in America).

So, what am I going to say?  Basically, my message can be summed up like this: love God and love others (including gays and lesbians), because how we love one effects how we love the other.  This is not a call for the Ugandan church to convert gays to straights, but rather a call for the Ugandan church to simply love the gay community as Jesus would (and does).

In saying all of this, I need your prayers.  Please begin to pray with me for a few things:

  • The Ugandan people, that they would have open hearts to what God wants to impart in them during these two weeks.
  • For God’s message of hope, life, love, and truth, that it would be heard and received by all.
  • That I may find the right words to speak to the Pastors and churches in Uganda; that I would speak only the words that God gives me.
  • That the Uganda churches would begin to embrace and minister to the GLBT community, without hesitation and within the authentic love of Jesus.
  • For the Holy Spirit to come in and through the grounds of Uganda and “wreck” people for God’s Glory!

For more info about my trip, feel free to contact me.


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