Uganda: we pray for thee.

My heart has become more burdened for the people of Uganda.  As you know, my wife and I are headed there at the end of November.  Our call is simple: spread the message of the Father’s Love to all we encounter.  Including GLBT people, who are now fearing for their life.

This plight in Uganda has stirred much controversy in the past months.  While many from the Christian side have spoken out against this inhumane issue (like Warren Throckmorton, and Debbie Thurman), many have been late in doing so and because of this have hurt people in the GLBT community for their silence (i.e. Exodus).  Now, to Exodus’s benefit, they have now posted a message regarding the situations in Uganda, but that has not satisfied the other side.

Let me add some comments about this:

  • I think what the GLBT community is asking for (like Ex-Gay Watch) is this: an apology for ignoring an issue that should not have been ignored.  Plain and simple, we, the Church (not just Exodus) has ignored this issue for far too long ( … again).  I really think, that if the Christian community would issue a public apologize for falling short again, many from the GLBT community would appreciate that and see that we are serious in bringing the Love of the Father to all peoples.
  • In saying that, this situation should not be laid upon the shoulders of Exodus alone.  Instead, I think the entire Church is guilty.  It seems that Exodus is the scape goat for a lot of things, to which I think is wrong.  Yes, Exodus should have spoken out long before this even became public, but the entire blame of where the Church has failed in silence should not (and cannot) be put upon just Exodus.
  • We need to move beyond the blame game and put our words into action!  I think too many times (myself included) we get so tied up in debating the issue, that we forget the issue at hand.  Am I mad at Exodus for keeping their silence?  Yes.  But how does me staying angry solve the situation at hand?  If I let it fester within me, all I am doing is becoming part of “the problem”, rather becoming part of “the answer”.  Exodus made a mistake.  OK.  Now, let’s move on and do something about what is going on in Uganda.

So, then, what can EVERYBODY do?  Glad you asked:

  • PRAY. First and foremost, we need to be before the Father’s throne in prayer and petition for the GLBT community in Uganda.  Pray for protection.  Pray for life.  Pray that God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy would triumph over hate and death.  Pray that the Uganda Church would be empowered by the Spirit to step up as the Body of Christ and change the atmosphere within Uganda and the government.  Pray that the government would not pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
  • TAKE ACTION. Our prayers and faith require us to move in action.  Let people know what is going on, and speak out in Grace and Truth.  This Bill does not represent the Father’s Heart towards the gay community.  It does not reflect the message of Christ.  Those who are spearheading this bill claim to be Christians, but they are the minority here … let the majority of the Church rise up and stand for Truth.  Here are some ways to take action:

We, as the Body of Christ, have an obligation to stand up for those who are being oppressed.  But, this isn’t just a “Church-call-to-arms” either, this is an EVERYBODY-call-to-arms.  So, let’s stop fighting between ourselves, and begin taking a stand (together) for the sake of those in the GLBT community who are being killed, jailed, and beaten.


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