Uganda Update.

By now it’s all over the web, and rightly so.  What the Uganda government is trying to pass into law – in the name of God – is nothing more than a bill “not of God”.

Here are some updates, for those who are following the story; and for those who are new to what’s going on.  As I said before, everyone everywhere needs to be praying about this situation.  This bill is not about denominations, religious agendas, or “pro”/”ex” gay theology … it’s about one thing: demonstrating God’s unconditional love to those He created in His image.

Please join the fight.  Stand in the gap, upon your knees, for those who are innocently being killed.

Dr. Warren Throckmorton has been a lead “fighter” in speaking out about this bill.  Visit his site for up to date info, and join his Facebook group concerning the Anit-Gay Bill in Uganda.

In addition, let me (once again) publicly state my feelings on this issue:

  • This bill is WRONG
  • This bill does NOT demonstrate God’s Love or Truth by any means
  • Christians, Politicians … everyone … everywhere … NEED to continue to speak out against this bill.
  • Six11 Ministries DOES NOT support this bill in any way, and will continue to speak out against this bill – or any bill like it, in any other part of the world.  The message of God is Love, found within the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ.  Plain and simple.

2 responses to “Uganda Update.

  1. Shawn,
    My brother. It’s Mike from START. I hope your trip home went well. It was a real blessing seeing you this weekend; but hard since it was so short. I really enjoy your heart and appreciate the love of the Lord that shines thru you. I won’t be there in May though, too close to our due date. Maybe I can make it up for a Friday or something though since you’ll be in town.

    Wanted to know what you thought of the votes (like Maine today) where they are looking to put marriage between a man and a woman. I know you support it (for the right reason; cause God reveals it to be so), but didn’t know if you lumped it in with legislation like this or “Don’t ask; don’t tell”.

    God bless.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words my friend. It will be good to see you again, either way.

      As for my thoughts on what happened in Maine – gay marriage in general – and what I am talking about here, and with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy (which I wrote about here) … I see two separate issues. Some may call me a hypocrite for this, but these thoughts are based off of my convictions from God’s Word.

      I believe that God’s Word instructs us, as Christians, to stand for those who are being unjustly oppressed (i.e. killed, jailed, beaten, etc.). I feel that as the Church, we need to stand up for human rights – for everyone, not just gays – based on our command to “love our neighbor as yourself”. What’s happening in Uganda, and other parts of the world, to me, is inhumane and against what Jesus taught.

      The whole “Don’t Ask” policy, I think is just plain stupid.

      As for marriage … I am a man of God’s Word, and because of this, I firmly believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. If gays and lesbians want to get a “civil union”, which is not done in a church, I can’t stop that. I actually don’t have a problem with that, where as I do have a problem with them getting married before God. To me, if you are marring before God, then you are committing yourself to His standards and seeking His blessing … if this is true, then the marriage (couple) should be striving to live accordingly to God’s Word. This can’t happen if two people are actively pursuing a gay life together, because this goes against scripture. This same standard I hold for straight couples, too. Divorce should never be an option … it is not an easy solution. Adultery needs to stop! As scripture says, the marriage bed should be kept pure … period.

      In saying this, I’m not sure how far the Church should be getting involved with this political debate. I feel that the Church sometimes looses it’s focus when it becomes consumed with political things. Jesus called us to go and make disciples, and to do the work of His kingdom … not make political policies and have bias agendas. If separation of Church and State really exist, then no matter if the courts allow gay marriage, the government should not have the right to force pastors to marry gays and lesbians. Likewise, the Church should spend more time “fighting” to end poverty, war, oppression, sex trafficking, AIDS, and the like, instead of spending millions of dollars on keeping gays from living together (and adopting kids).

      Make sense?

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