I love Turkey and Uganda.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at Six11 Ministries wish you a very blessed, graceful, and fulfilling holiday.  May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you, as Father-God draws you closer to Himself.

As many of you know, my wife and I are spending two weeks in Uganda.  Below is a “prayer list” we put together, so that those who want to pray with us, can do so.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.  Look for an update when we get back!

Hey All,

This Friday, Emily and I head out to Uganda Africa. We are stoked about going. We are humbled by God’s invitation. We are seeking prayer and counsel from you all while we are there – for us, our team, and the people we will be encountering (with great expectations).

We will be gone until December 12 (a total of 16 days), so I have written out 16 prayer requests – one for each day. Uganda is a country of witchcraft, deceit, bitterness, crime, and the like. So, we need prayer warriors to stand with us in shining forth God’s Glory, Truth, Grace, Love, and Holiness!

Beyond the “daily” prayer requests listed below, please keep an extra prayer covering over the following:

  • our team: for unity, strength, patience, discernment, wisdom, grace, and God’s Agape Love
  • our health: that we do not get sick in any way (from bugs, food, drink, or the like)
  • our safety: that God would protect us from all types of harm and evil deeds
  • our kids: that Emily’s parents would be strengthened, that the kids would be well behaved, that “homesickness” would not distract us or the kids from having fun and growing in the Lord

DAY 1 – (US to Amsterdam) pray for our traveling, that no one gets sick, our luggage doesn’t get lost, the plane’s take off and arrive safely

DAY 2 – (Amsterdam to Entebbe, Uganda) pray for continued travel, that we recover quickly from our travels, that we take opportunities to minister on the plane (those divine appoints God has for us)

DAY 3 – (Arriving in Masaka, Uganda) pray for energy today as the GPS (prayer conference) starts, safe travel for those coming from other countries, that God’s Spirit would descend upon the Church and begin to set the place on fire

DAY 4 – (GPS) pray that God will impart His message to those who are speaking (including myself), that His testimony would be heard and glorified, that His mission would be acknowledged and put into action

DAY 5 – (GPS) pray for the teams that will be ministering to those with AIDS/HIV, for those who have been orphaned by AIDS, for those impacted by AIDS worldwide (today is World AIDS Day) – that God would have mercy and bring continued healing that would end this horrible epidemic

DAY 6 – (GPS) pray that God’s Spirit would fill all who are present, that God’s Love would dominate the hate and strife within the Ugandan land, that God’s Grace would extend from the Church to all who live in Uganda and the surrounding countries

DAY 7 – (GPS) pray for healing for those who are seeking it, for comfort for those who are desperate for it, for salvation for those who do not personally know Jesus, for life for those who are on their death beds

DAY 8 – (GPS) pray for unity within the Ugandan churches, within the African churches, within the global Church – that Christ’s Body will work as ONE body, of ONE Lord, through ONE Spirit, in order to make God’s Glory known throughout the world

DAY 9 – pray for the Hope School we will be visiting, that God’s Name would continue to be upheld there, and that the Hope of Christ would impart onto all who enter through the doors of the school; pray for building materials to come through for the new building project … pray that the teachers that they would be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus

DAY 10 – pray for the church services many of us will be participating in (myself included), pray that all who speak are empowered to do so by God’s Spirit and Holy Passion

DAY 11 – pray for a restful day as we will be taking the “day off” to relax and freshen our own spirits, pray that we are obedient in doing whatever the Lord asks – no matter what

DAY 12 – (head to Kampala / Pregnancy outreach) pray for our next travel ventures, for Veronica’s pregnancy outreach (the only one in the country!), for women who are pregnant and thinking of having abortions – that God would change their minds and continue to provide for them, that the Church would arise and be burdened to take on this ministry full time … for strength, wisdom, finances, and favor for Veronica

DAY 13 – (Orphanage / Prisons in Kampala) pray that we would be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus to the children we meet, those in prison, those who are prostitutes, those who are disabled, and any one else we encounter who is in need of the Saviors healing touch and love

DAY 14 – (Woman’s Conference) pray that God will minister to the women who will be attending this one-day conference, that He would restore them and help them to see themselves as He does – His beautiful daughters … pray for those leading the conference (Emily is one of them) that they would speak God’s heart for these women, that God’s Spirit would be received and that chains would be broken off from those who have been penned up by abuse, self-hate, prostitution, and past mistakes

DAY 15 – (Tourist day and heading home) pray that we take what God has given us these two weeks back home and that we keep alive the message of Christ and what we have seen Christ do … praise God for all that He has done within the people of Uganda and His Church … pray for safety as we come home

DAY 16 – (Amsterdam to US to Fort Wayne, IN) pray for strength, rest, humility, as we continue to make a long travel home … pray our luggage returns with us safely, that we get through customs without any problems, and that we remain healthy

Thank you all for your prayers! We love each of you, and know that you will be faithful in praying for us – seeking the Lord’s throne on the behalf of Uganda and our team. Thank you for being obedient. Look for an update when we get back!

For God’s Eternal Glory,
Shawn and Emily


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