Traveling [again].

I will be traveling this week: back home to PA for my Grandfather’s funeral.  He passed away this morning.  Please keep my family in your prayers.  Please pray that God’s abounding Love would captivate their hearts and that they would come to really know Him.  Pray also that I would be able to speak forth truth in love and compassion.  I’ve been asked to speak the eulogy.  I feel I’m suppose to convey the message that our God is a Loving Shepherd, who uses both a rod and staff to guide us through life (Psalm 23, extra focus on verse 4).  He does this not because He is vindictive, but because He is a Loving Father.  Many in my family fail to see this …

Thanks for your prayers.


3 responses to “Traveling [again].

  1. Sorry to hear that your grandfather died, but glad you could share the eulogy and God’s Word at the funeral. God will surely add His blessing to that. Adding your extended family to our prayer list. Shalome, Miriam L — Berne, IN.

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