Museveni “rejects” Anti-Gay Bill 2009.

In a move that has been too long in coming, reports are saying that Uganda President Museveni is rejecting the Anti-Homosexual Bill 2009, which has been trying to push through despite outcry from world leaders/governments and human rights organizations.  The bill – in case you haven’t heard of it yet – basically wants to execute all practicing homosexuals.  The justification for such action is based on religious beliefs, with supporters of the Bill basically stating, “That’s what God would want.”

// My (short) commentary on this can be found here. // Another blogger who has been a great advocate in raising awareness about the Bill – calling for all peoples to stand in opposition to it – is Warren Throckmorton. //

I can only pray – as I have been praying against this Bill – that what is now beginning to take place is correct and carries out until this un-Godly bill is totally destroyed from Parliament and mans heart.  The Church needs to continue to stand with the Gay community on this: forget your opinions and beliefs … innocent peoples lives are at stake here … it’s time to stand and put your faith into action.

If you have read my thoughts about this issue, you know how I feel about it.  Please pray for God’s glory to be seen and encountered by all!



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