Newsletter from Veronica.

While in Uganda, we met a beautiful woman of God who is striving to serve her Jesus with reckless faith.  Here is Veronica’s powerful storyher blogher facebook group.

The long story short, Veronica’s mom tried to abort her, the procedure failed, and Veronica was born handicapped.  After her sister died while trying to abort her child, Veronica began reaching out to other women throughout Kampala (Uganda) who were pregnant, scared, and a lone.  Her ministry has impacted not only Uganda, but other nations in Africa and around the world!  She has done this on her own, with the help of a small staff (many who are volunteers).  God’s favor is upon this woman, no doubt.

Below is a newsletter from her.  I invite you to not only read it, but be inspired to get involved – either through action and/or prayer.  Thanks!

If you are having trouble reading this, and would like an emailed copy, please email me: 611ministries at gmail dot com.


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