Still around the corner.

Hey gang,

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say that I am still here.  I am in the last stages of finishing my book – still looking for a publisher by the way – and I really want to get this thing finished.  I’m nervous about it, but I feel that it is something that God has birthed within me to say.  So … I’m trying my best to communicate the message.

Here are some things that I have been wrestling with the past days.  I would love insight.

Rich Mullins quote:

Someday we’ll be called to give an account and … I think it will be how we have built up the body of Christ, how we have torn down walls of suspicion and walls of fear, how we have shed light on false doctrines, how we’ve been encouraging truth and how that affects lives, and how we made Jesus visible.  If we want to meet Jesus, it won’t likely be at church, although I’m a big believer in going to church.  I think that when we meet Christ it will be somewhere outside the camp.  It will be where people have been marginalized, people who have been literally imprisoned.  We will meet Him where we least expect to.

God has called us to be lovers and we frequently think that He meant us to be saviors.  So we “love” as long as we see “results.”  We give of ourselves as long as our investments pay off, but if the ones we love do not respond, we tend to despair and blame ourselves and even resent those we pretend to love.  Because we love someone, we want them to be free of addiction, of sin, of self – and that is as it should be.  But it might be that our love for them and our desire for their well-being will not make them well.  And, if that is the case, their lack of response no more negates the reality of love than their quickness to respond would confirm it.

Dwight Pentecost quote:

Not all men [and women] who are saved are disciples although all who are disciples are saved.  In discussing the question of discipleship, we are not dealing with a [person’s] salvation.  We are dealing with a [person’s] relationship to Jesus Christ as his Teacher, his Master, and his Lord … a personal and intimate relationship – a relationship based on the knowledge of the person of Christ, a love for the person of Christ, submission to the person of Jesus Christ, and obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship involves commitment [also known as sacrifice].  It involves identification with Christ in His shameful death.  Discipleship involves renunciation of oneself, it involves setting aside one’s own aims, goals, ambitions, desires in life.  It involves sacrifice for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It involves setting aside one’s own will and one’s own rights to his life and acknowledging that Jesus Christ [is Lord over all].

I hope to return to writing more posts later this week.  I appreciate all who are still reading and visiting … I encourages me to know that people want to be informed and talk about these issues.

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