Howard-Miami Sermon.

I preached today at Howard-Miami Mennonite Church.

Even though I was nervous, and I stammered, I really feel that God spoke forth.  My message theme was “Pursuing His Heart … Knowing God and Making Him Known.”  I based the message off of Revelation 5.  It’s not a passage many speak on, but as I was spending time with God, I really felt that this was the passage He wanted me to use.  While I did not go into a deep exegesis of the passage, I did highlight what was going on: 24/7 worship of God and the Lamb, because of what the Lamb’s blood had done (salvation to creation).  This, I thought, was the central part of the passage, and what my message needed to be about.

I started off with a quote by A.W. Tozer:

On the third day, He (Jesus) arose from the dead and now He is at God’s right hand, and God now is busy redeeming the people back to Him again, back to the original purpose, to be mirrors reflecting God’s glory.

Tozer goes on to say:

Worship is man’s full reason for existence.  Worship is why we are born and why we are born again.  Worship is the reason for our genesis in the first place … Worshiping God is our first call … That is what you are here for, to glorify God and enjoy Him thoroughly and forever, telling the universe how great God is.

The Purpose of Man, pp. 46-47.

Worship is the key element in knowing God – in pursuing His heart – in being a Christ follower.

If we are going to do ministry and missions, we must center it around worship (knowing God) and helping others to embrace Him as Father-God (making Him known).  God’s heart is for all of mankind to reconnect with His heart, and in so doing, to be worshipers of Him.  This should be our heart as well.  We don’t “witness” to people to make them good-Christians, who attend Sunday school and church every Sunday.  We “witness” to people to lead them back to the heart of Him who has made them.  We are not called to make converts, but disciples; disciples that pursue the heart of the Father in total worship and surrender.

Before, though, we can do that, we have to be such a disciple ourselves.  So, are you?

SERMON: PURSUING HIS HEART … you can either click on the link, or save it as an mp3.  Feedback welcomed.


5 responses to “Howard-Miami Sermon.

  1. It’s so easy for us as the church to accept in theory that God wants all to be saved and the God wants the church to preach the gospel to everyone. But we get very nervous when someone suggests that we need to reach out to *them* and welcome *them* into our worship services — whoever *they* are, as you said, gays, lesbians, motorcycle gangs, drug dealers, etc. We’re uncomfortable around them. We want sinners with respectable sins, with the sins we commit ourselves.

    So that was a good message you had for that congregation; and it’s a good message for all of us.

    • Thanks SO much man!

      And you are so right … it’s easy to talk about evangelism in theory, but to actually do it – whoah! For some, that is too out of the box. Which keeps the Church from being the Church.

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