Political Advice from Tozer.

I recently got the “Alliance Life” magazine from Christian and Missionary Alliance.  From 1950 till 1963, A. W. Tozer was the editor of the magazine.  In 1951, he had this to say about Christianity and politics:

… we must not identify the gospel with any political system, nor make Christianity to be synonymous with any form of government, however noble [that government is].  Christ stands alone, above and outside every ideology devised by man.  He does not join any of our parties nor take sides with any of our great men except as they may come over on His side and try to follow Him in righteousness and true holiness.  Then He is for them, but only as individuals, never as leaders of some political faction.

The true Christian will be loyal to his country and obedient to those in authority, but he will never fall into the error of confusing his own national culture with Christianity.  Christianity is bigger than any country, loftier than any civilization, broader than any human ideology.

Wise words from the past.  How about we start aligning ourselves with them?  True Christianity follows the King of Kings, not conservative / liberal government-parties.  Please understand the difference.


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