We Keep Missing It.

Towleroad (a gay news blog) recently reported about a guy who painted a huge protest sign on his fence against the gay community.  The fence is on a very visible corner – passed by a hundred or more students daily – in Casper, Wyoming.  Below is a pic of what was written.

This type of “Christian-witnessing” doesn’t surprise me anymore.  Instead of getting angry about it, anymore, it just makes me sad for the person (people) writing such messages.  Have we forgotten the principle messages of the gospel?  Of why Jesus came, and what His death and resurrection signify?  Have we forgotten how we are supposed to be living and ministering to the world around us?  Clearly, some of us Christians have.

Scripture says that all of us are sinners … that all of sin brings death:

For the wages of [all] sin is death, BUT the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

If God were to paint our sins on a fence, for all to see, what would it read?  How would we feel – how would we feel about Him?  It wouldn’t be fun or right, would it?  Now you have started to put yourself in the shoes of many gays and lesbians who pass by messages like the one above on a daily basis.  And we wonder why so many seem to hate the Church.

So, how about this, instead of focusing on the condemnation, how about we focus on the redemption – ok?


One response to “We Keep Missing It.

  1. We seem to forget why Jesus came to earth 2000+ years ago. He came for ALL of US sinners. Who did He hang out with when He was here? Sinners… tax collectors, murderers, liars, cheaters etc. He loved ALL people! And who are we to judge anyone? Lest we be judged in the same light. Let’s love ALL people and see how much more effective we can be for His Glory!! Trust me, more people would come to Christ if we (The Church) LOVED them and NOT JUDGED them!!!

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